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A Restaurant POS System for serious restaurateurs – like you

Harbortouch is a full-service restaurant point of sale system built to help you work smarter, not harder.

    Endorsed by Jon Taffer

    Executive Producer and Host of hit TV show Bar Rescue

    “In my extensive experience, I have found Harbortouch’s POS solution to be the undisputed leader in the industry. Their Restaurant POS system is really unparalleled in terms of both price and capabilities.”

    Powerful restaurant POS features that serve up success

    Just ask the over 20,000 customers already using Harbortouch’s restaurant POS system.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Waiter Serving Customers at the Table

    Turn tables like a DJ

    • Tableside ordering

      With Harbortouch Tableside™ servers can input orders directly from the table. Give your waitstaff a tablet and see the dramatic increase in order efficiency and accuracy.

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    • Table tracking

      Multiple seating areas? No problem. Manage all your tables, know which ones are occupied, the number of guests at each table, and empty tables ready to be sat.

    • Reservations

      Whether its customers making online reservations or managing your waitlist, you can do it all in one place with Harbortouch’s restaurant point of sale software.

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    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Business Owner using laptop

    Restaurant management features – check please!

    • Employee management

      It’s more than just X and Z reports. Evaluate sales performance, track hours, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, and manage job-based permissions.

    • Inventory management

      From tracking raw goods to managing all your vendors and purchase orders in one central location, Harbortouch’s restaurant POS software will nix your 86 list.

    • Menu customization

      Create happy hour pricing, add specials or edit items in real-time. Easily organize menu items and modifiers with an intuitive user interface.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Waitress taking an order from customers

    Ready, set, sales

    • Online ordering

      Never miss an order again. Give customers the convenience of online ordering and tap into a whole new sales channel.

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    • Gift cards

      From driving sales to boosting brand awareness, gift cards are an opportunity to turn new customers into loyal ones.

    • Customer loyalty programs

      Loyal customers are your bread and butter. Keep them coming back time and time again with rewards, incentives, and promotions.

    Restaurant POS system hardware

    What’s in the box?

    Lifetime Warranty on all Equipment Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Hardware Bundle Harbortouch Onyx POS System Receipt Printer Cash Drawer Credit card terminal

    Additional hardware options:

    Kitchen printer (remote printer)

    Add remote thermal printers or dot-matrix printers in your kitchen or bar to speed up order prep.

    Kitchen display system (KDS)

    Or don’t use a printer at all and leverage the eco-friendly power of a KDS.

    Digital scale

    If you sell weighted items, a digital scale will ensure sales are accurate — down to the penny.

    Barcode scanner

    For restaurants that sell merchandise or other retail items with a UPC, a barcode scanner can speed up sales.

    Tableside Tablet

    Servers can input orders and accept payment directly from the table with a purpose-built 10″ tablet. Learn More

    See more POS hardware



    SkyTab is a powerful tool to supercharge your business! This complete order and pay at table solution will take your operations to the next level while delivering an unmatched experience for your customers.

    Increase operational efficiency – Serve customers and turn tables faster by eliminating the need for your servers to walk back and forth to the POS system

    Improve customer experience – Prompt customers to rate their experience and alert management when a patron isn’t satisfied

    Build your marketing database – Collect customer email addresses to populate your marketing database and increase repeat business

    Learn More

    Lighthouse Business Management System

    Powerful cloud-based management and reporting tools

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Lighthouse Business Management reports

    Remote Reporting and POS Management

    Harbortouch’s powerful LighthouseTM platform provides you with remote access to your Restaurant POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lighthouse enables you to view reports online, make changes to your menu remotely, and manage your employees from anywhere. Now you can work where you want, when you want!

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    Real-time reporting and analytics

    Take control of your restaurant with powerful POS reporting capabilities from Harbortouch.

    Sales reports

    Tracking sales is essential for the success of any restaurant. Sales reports will give you actionable insights into what you’re selling and when.

    Financial overview – Get a bird’s eye view of gross sales, taxes, payment type, and labor statistics.

    Daily sales summary – See a snapshot of your entire sales for the day.

    Hourly sales – Prepare for the rush and staff accordingly during the busiest times.

    Menu items sales – Know the fan-favorite foods and the ones that are chopped liver.

    Labor reports

    Labor costs are a big chunk of your expenses and should be thoroughly monitored. High labor costs and low revenue is a recipe for disaster.

    Payroll report – From a quick summary to a detailed X report, we’ve got you covered from A to Z.

    Labor comparison – Instantly compare payroll costs with sales to know if you’re on target or need to make some cuts.

    Employee directory – Easily access employee contact information

    Job type – View all of your employee job descriptions and user permissions.

    Menu and product reports

    Are dinner specials not selling like they did last year? Do you see an uptick in delivery orders month over month? With Harbortouch’s menu and product reports, you can find answers like these and turn data into actionable tasks.

    Basic product mix – Knowing your best-selling products is just as important as knowing what menu categories are going stale.

    Day-part product mix – Find out what products are selling at different times of the day.

    Sales by employee – Know which employees are selling which menu items.

    Menu breakdowns – View modifier choices and item groups so you know if your burger group is outperforming your pasta group.

    Brand management and customer engagement tools at your fingertips

    Having an online prescence is a powerful and cost effective marketing strategy for any business
    — especially for a small business on a tight budget.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Social Media Management

    Manage social media accounts

    Schedule posts, track performance of your content, and manage all your social media activity in one place.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Online Reputation Management

    Manage your online reputation

    View ratings and reviews from multiple online review platforms and easily respond to customers to maintain your brand.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Customer Management

    Easily engage customers

    Set up welcome emails, promotional offers, and more using built-in tools to improve customer loyalty.

    POS setup, installation, training, and support

    To ensure a flawless setup, every Harbortouch restaurant POS system comes
    with professional installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 in-house support.

    Harbortouch Restaurant POS System Touchsreen Terminal

    On-site installation

    Experienced and certified installation professionals ensure you’re up and running in no time.

    • Certified Technicians iconOur Certified Technicians are highly trained in order to provide a superior installation experience.
    • Calendar iconWe work around your schedule to complete the installation, avoiding any disruptions to your business operations.

    Comprehensive training

    We provide preliminary onsite training and extensive remote training to make sure you are proficient with your POS system

    • Remote Training iconPreliminary Training
      Our onsite technicians provide a basic overview at the time of install to make sure you are comfortable with your new system
    • Onsite Training iconRemote Training
      Once the installation is complete, we provide an advanced training session over the phone so that you can utilize all of the features and functions of your POS system

    Unparalleled support

    In-house customer service and technical support are available 24/7; remote support allows the Harbortouch support team to access your system to repair any software issues immediately

    • Available 24/7 iconAvailable 24/7
      No matter when you have an issue, we will be available to help you reach a quick resolution
    • Remote Support iconRemote Support
      The Harbortouch support team is able to log in to your system remotely to instantly repair any software issues you may experience
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