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A Pizza POS System That Delivers Success

Whether you sell your dough by the slice or by the pie, a pizza shop point of sale system from Harbortouch has all the fixings you’ll need to operate a successful pizzeria.

    Unleash the potential of your pizza shop with our powerful POS system

    Industry-specific POS software combined with state-of-the-art POS hardware delivers a best-in-class point of sale solution.

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    Pizza Delivery Management for the Pros

    Caller ID Integration

    Manage incoming calls with ease using our POS software. View each customer’s contact information and order history as the call comes in. Easily assign each call to a new order with one click.

    Real-Time Delivery Management

    Our delivery driver dashboard gives you complete control. Know which drivers are available and which ones are out on delivery. Easily assign drivers to specific orders, monitor how long they are out on delivery, and see how long each order has been waiting.

    Directions and Mapping

    Not everyone knows their way around town. Our mapping functionality can print directions right on the receipt paper — whether it’s a single trip or multiple stops.

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    POS Software Made For Pizzerias

    Flexible Pricing

    It’s not one-size-fits-all for pizza shops. Whether you offer lower prices for takeout or weekly promotions on specialty pies, make the most of your menu with flexible pricing and discounts.

    Multiple Modifiers for the Perfect Pie

    Pizza is one of the most customizable foods with hundreds of potential combinations. Deep-dish or thin-crust? Plain cheese pie, half pies, or a fully-loaded garbage pie? With pizza-specific modifiers, customize precisely how your customers like it.

    Table Tracking and Management

    Does your pizza shop provide dine-in service? Easily manage all your tables and seat guests within social distance guidelines using a custom table layout.

    Pizza POS system_pizza chef taking a pizza out of the oven

    Keep Track of Your Dough, Employees, and Customers

    Manage Your Dough

    Ensure every slice is accounted for when it walks out the door. Keep track of sales and voids with our pizza shop POS system.

    Employee Management

    Staff management is more than just X and Z reports. Track hours and payroll, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, evaluate sales performance, and manage job-based permissions.

    Customer Management

    Collect customer contact information at the point of sale and immediately begin building a customer database. Launch a customer loyalty program to reward loyal patrons.

    “The process with Harbortouch was very smooth. They asked for a copy of my carryout menu and my dine-in menu, and from that they put together a template for the POS system.”

    James, Owner of Gino’s East Pizzeria

    Pizza POS System Hardware

    Pizza POS system_pizza shop pos system equipment set up

    What’s in the box?


    Harbortouch Onyx POS System

    A sleek design, powerful performance, and a lifetime warranty.


    Receipt Printer

    Lightning fast printing and customizable receipts.


    Cash Drawer

    Keep your dough safe and secure.


    Credit Card Reader

    Make sure your restaurant always serves up secure payments.

    Kitchen Printer (Remote Printer)

    Add remote thermal printers or dot-matrix printers in your kitchen or bar to speed up order prep.

    Kitchen Display System (KDS)

    Or don’t use a printer at all and leverage the eco-friendly power of a KDS.

    skytab icon

    FREE Mobile Ordering and Payment Solution

    SkyTab is a powerful mobile point of sale solution, combining state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software to take your operations to the next level while delivering an unmatched experience for your customers — anytime, anywhere.

    Restaurant POS system_SkyTab mobile point of sale device for restaurants
    SkyTab Can Do It All
    • SkyTab offers both mobile ordering and payment processing, with support for NFC contactless payments.
    • Build a marketing program by collecting customer email addresses to create intelligent and effective marketing campaigns and promotions.

    Lighthouse Business Management

    Did you know that it costs significantly more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one? Let us help you turn your customers into regulars.

    Restaurant POS system_an inside look at the point of sale back office functions
    Brand Management and Customer Engagement Tools

    Having an online presence is a powerful and cost effective marketing strategy for any business — especially for a small business on a tight budget.

    Manage social media accounts, your online reputation, and easily engage customers with our back office management tools.

    Real-Time POS Reports and Analytics

    No more guessing games. Drive decisions with data.

    Sales Reports

    Tracking sales is essential for the success of any pizzeria. Sales reports will give you actionable insights into what you’re selling and when.

    Menu and Product Reports

    Know exactly what you’re selling and how much you’re spending on food costs. With menu and product reports, you can find answers like these, and turn data into a plan of action.

    Labor Reports

    Labor costs are a big chunk of your expenses and should be thoroughly monitored. High labor costs and low revenue is a recipe for disaster.

    POS Installation, Training, and Support

    Every Harbortouch pizza POS system comes with professional installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 in-house support to ensure a flawless setup.

    Pizza POS system_side view of touchscreen monitor showing pizza POS software

    Just because you own a small business, doesn’t mean you should be on your own. We have experienced and certified installation professionals to ensure you’re up and running in no time.

    • Our Certified Technicians are highly trained to provide you with a superior installation experience.
    • We work around your schedule to complete the installation, avoiding any disruptions to your business operations.

    We provide preliminary onsite training and extensive remote training to ensure you’re getting the most out of your point of sale system.

    • Preliminary Training – our on-site technician will provide a basic overview at the time of install to make sure you are comfortable with your new system.
    • Remote Training – once the installation is complete, we provide an advanced training session over the phone and review all the POS features and functions of your new point of sale software.

    The pizza industry isn’t 9 to 5 — and neither are we. Our in-house customer service and technical team are available 24/7/365.

    • Available 24/7 – no matter when you have an issue, we’re available to help you reach a quick resolution.
    • Remote Support – the Harbortouch support team is readily available to log into your system remotely to assist instantly.