Tableside POS_mobile tablet point of sale for tableside ordering

Streamline the ordering
process with Harbortouch Tableside

Improve efficiency at your restaurant with an innovative tableside ordering solution.

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Tableside Ordering + Pay-at-the-Table = Game-changer

With Harbortouch Tableside, servers can input orders and accept payment directly from the table with a purpose-built 10-inch tablet.

Tableside POS_waitress using a tableside ordering POS device with customers at the table

A dedicated tablet app mirrors the interface of the POS software and is seamlessly integrated with your existing system, enabling waitstaff to send orders directly to the kitchen or bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency. This solution provides many benefits for both the restaurant and customers by streamlining the ordering process, improving order accuracy and increasing table turns.

  • Significant improvements to order efficiency
  • Increased speed of service for happier customers
  • Quicker table turns produce additional revenue
  • Eliminate the redundancies associated with handwriting orders
  • More accurate ordering results in less wasted food
  • A unique and impressive dining experience for restaurant patrons
  • More secure payments with support for EMV chip cards, NFC, and traditional swiped transactions