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Harbortouch Selects Verifone Terminal Solutions to Meet EMV, Next-Generation Payment Needs

ALLENTOWN, PA (4/30/15) – Harbortouch, a leading national point of sale (POS) system and merchant services provider, today announced that they have selected Verifone terminal and PIN pad solutions to provide next-generation EMV and NFC capabilities to its customers.


Harbortouch will use Verifone’s VX 520 countertop payment terminal in combination with the VX 805 PIN pad to accommodate EMV and contactless NFC payments. This solution provides merchants with an easy migration path to EMV as the mandated liability shift approaches. These Verifone terminal solutions also accommodate emerging NFC payment types such as Apple Pay.

“With the impending EMV liability shift and new NFC payment types emerging, it is critical for merchants to begin accepting these payment types,” said Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman. “After comparing various next-generation terminals, we felt that Verifone offers the most capable and secure solution for our merchant customers.”


“By partnering with Verifone, Harbortouch is able to provide its merchant clients with a future-proof terminal solution backed by more than 30 years of payment innovation and expertise,” said Shan Ethridge, vice president and general manager, North America Financial Services Group, Verifone. “The VX 520 is an incredibly reliable device that supports emerging payment methods that are growing in demand amongst consumers, as well as applications that can add more value to the POS, while the VX 805 is a stylish and sleek customer-facing PIN pad that is easy to hand over to consumers for card acceptance and PIN entry.”


Verifone provides an unmatched line of EMV-compliant hardware and software and is working closely with partners to ensure that all payment applications designed to run on these devices will be EMV-certified. VX Evolution solutions from Verifone provide:

Faster checkout speeds allowing merchants to complete more transactions and get consumers on their way more quickly.

Ease-of-use with backlit screens and keypads for all lighting environments.

Powerful performance as a result of lightning-fast processors that can handle the most complex, demanding transaction.

Businesses of all kinds have relied on the security and convenience of Verifone payment terminals for more than three decades. With the latest certifications and EMV compliance, Verifone terminals ensure simple and secure processing of all transaction types.


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