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Harbortouch Releases Kitchen Video System & Scale Accessories

ALLENTOWN, PA (7/18/11) – Harbortouch is pleased to announce the release of two new POS accessories: a kitchen video system (KVS) and digital scale.

The KVS consists of a 17” monitor and “bump pad”, which is basically a remote control for the screen. The monitor is installed in a restaurant’s kitchen and displays all orders placed by the servers or cashier, allowing orders to be quickly relayed from the front of the restaurant to the kitchen. Orders display on the 17” monitor in an easy-to-read queue that can be managed with the bump pad, allowing the kitchen staff to delete orders as they are completed. Perfect for quick service restaurants, each order is timed and the clock will turn red when the order time reaches a specified threshold.

Harbortouch is also now offering a digital scale for businesses that sell items by weight. The scale measures in both pounds and ounces and features a heavy-duty cast aluminum casing with an easy-to-clean stainless steel platform on top. The scale is highly accurate with “auto zeroing” technology which enables it to automatically calibrate itself when zero weight is on the platform.

Harbortouch Technical Director Kei Cheng states, “We are constantly trying to improve our Harbortouch offering, whether that’s through additional accessories or updated software or hardware. These two new accessories help us better meet the needs of many retail and hospitality merchants.”